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Psychological Crime and Family Drama.
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Shadows CWA

Thorne MooreI write novels and short stories - crime, paranormal, historical and family dramas.

I have been writing since my early years in Luton, which gave me the setting (rearranged) for some of my books. My father was a Labour councillor and my mother once got the sack for calling her boss a male chauvenist pig, so I developed strong views about the way the world works. My headmaster advised me to study law, but that implied a career in law, and the only career I wanted was as a writer. So I studied history instead, at Aberystwyth, and nine years later, after a spell working in a library, I returned to Wales, to beautiful and inspiring Pembrokeshire, to run a restaurant with my sister, Liz.

I did finally get my law degree, through the Open University, but these days, I write, as I always intended, and when I'm not writing, I make miniature furniture, through my craft business, Pear Tree Miniatures, and occasionally I teach family history.

I am a member of the Crime Writers Association and Crime Cymru, and, with fellow author Judith Barrow, I organise the Narberth Book Fair.

Very occasionally, I remember to post on my blog, Thorny Matters.

Diary & News
Looking forward to an audio version of Shadows being produced in 2018 by Oakhill Pulishing.

Long Shadows, tales of Llys y Garn, a prequel to Shadows, will be published this year.
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