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Psychological Crime and Family Drama.
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Thorne MooreI write novels. Psychological crime novels, if you want to narrow it down. Domestic Noir, if you prefer to be a little more poetic and sinister.

I grew up in Luton, where my father was a Labour councillor and my mother once got the sack for calling her boss a male chauvenist pig, so I developed strong views about the way the world works. My headmaster advised me to study law, but that implied a career in law, and the only career I wanted was as a writer. So I studied history instead, at Aberystwyth, and nine years later, after a spell working in a library, I returned to Wales, to beautiful and inspiring Pembrokeshire, to run a restaurant with my sister, Liz.

I did finally get my law degree, through the Open University, but these days, I write, as I always intended, and when I'm not writing, I make miniature furniture, through my craft business, Pear Tree Miniatures, and occasionally I teach family history.

History, personal and social, rather than political treaties and battles, remains a major interest, spurred along by my present home, a Victorian farmhouse that turns out to stand on the site of a Mediaeval manor (definitely some old masonry and timbers around, and the occasional horseshoe). History is more than one damned thing after another. It's one damned thing leading to another. When I write about crime, as a traumatic turn of events that shakes people's lives, I am primarily concerned with its causes and far-reaching consequences, even through generations, rather than the thrill of the crimes themselves, or the intricacies of forensic detection.

Diary & News
My engagements for December are a little provisional at the moment, as I am having an eye operation and may have difficulty getting to any of them.
But, all else being equal, I shall be with Judith Barrow at the Narberth Pig Street Craft Fair, December 2nd.
December 9th, I shall be at the Llandeilo Christmas Book Fair, in Horeb Chapel, and reading from Shadows at 1:45 in Indigo Hill, next door.
A Time For Silence Motherlove The Unravelling Moments of Consequence
Shadows CWA

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