Thorne Moore
Moments of Consequence
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Moments of Consequence
published by Kindle 2016

Short stories, including comedies, tragedies and histories, though it is not necessarily easy to decide which is which.

What is the true value of an old teapot? (The Accountant) What happened on an uneventful day in Gloucestershire? (It Was Late June) Has anyone noticed the monument in the middle of Haverfordwest? (Dances On The Head Of A Pin) What lies behind the torn wallpaper of an old cottage? (Footprint) And more.

The collection also contains three stories designed to add a little extra colour to my novels.
A Time To Cast Away puts a light on the background to A Time For Silence
Hush Hush illuminates the life of a character fleetingly mentioned in Motherlove.
Green Fingers, Black Back explains how a myth arose in The Unravelling.

"Here is Thorne's humane, intelligent, sharply observant voice in a series of very entertaining short stories. She has a wry view of human behaviour - nothing sentimental here - and a strong sense of justice, which makes them all very satisfying. "
Janet Thomas

"The drawing out of minor characters in the three supporting stories is captivating and adds layers of depths to writing that was already deep, and sharply observed."
Alex Martin
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