Thorne Moore
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I am usually considered a psychological crime writer - domestic Noir, if you will - although, as a subject, crime appeals to me only as a traumatic turn of events that shakes people's lives, the consequence of earlier situations or a trigger of later ones. Time is perhaps my preferred theme. History, personal and social, rather than political treaties and battles, remains a major interest. It is is more than one damned thing after another. It's one damned thing leading to another. We all live with the consequences of our own actions and of those who came before us. Whether there is any justice involved is a matter of debate.
Settings, especially houses, are a major inspiration for me, mostly because they reflect their residents even more than dogs, and those residents leave an imprint that lasts beyond their occupancy.
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A Time For Silence
Historical and
family drama


The Unravelling

Family drama and
 paranormal mystery

Moments of Consequence
Short Stories